Montechez Edición Limitada Malbec 2009

Technical data

Winery: Montechez
Wine type:

Grape variety:
Vintage: 2009
- Lovaglio, José

Tasting notes

Sight: It is a maroon-colored wine.

Nose: Its nose is deep and complex, displaying cassis and beer notes.

Mouth: On the palate, it is elegant, flaunting soft tannins and a long finish.


Region: Mendoza (Upper Mendoza River Region)
Localidad: Agrelo
Altitude: 960 meters asl
Soil: loam
Age: 35 years
Vintage: hand-harvested
Yield: 2.24 tons/acre


Vat: stainless steel
Alcoholic fermentation: 20 days
Malolactic fermentation: yes
Maceration: 1 week
Winery aging: 2 months
Oak aging: 12 months
Bottle aging: 8 months


Alcohol: 13.9%
Total acidity: 5.59 g/l
Volatile acidity: 0.67 g/l
Reducing sugar: 4.62 g/l
Extract: 29.68 g/l
Free sulfur dioxide: 27 mg/l
Total sulfur dioxide: 61 mg/l

Serving suggestions

Service temperature: 63°F
Pairings: roasted meats
Home aging: 7 - 10 years

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Lovaglio, José

About the winemaker

Personal information

Name: Lovaglio, José
Age: 30
Education: Winemaker - Graduated from UC Davis - Viticulture & Oenology (California)
Awards / Scholarships:

  • Rossi Fellow Scholarship

  • Golden Key International Honour Society

Vision of the Argentinian wine industry: I think Argentina's Viticulture is at the peak in its history, enjoying the world´s spotlight that has been earned by the hard work of all people and entities involved in this industry. The great challenge in the future is to consolidate and expand our current inertia to stay in the global consumer´s mind as a region that is source of attractive and exciting wines made by passionate and creative people that are always improving their products.


Argentina Wine Awards (2011) Silver
Argentina Wine Awards (2012) Silver