Montechez Edición Limitada Malbec 2009

Technical data

Winery: Montechez
Wine type:

Grape variety:
Vintage: 2009
- Lovaglio, José

Tasting notes

Sight: It is a maroon-colored wine.

Nose: Its nose is deep and complex, displaying cassis and beer notes.

Mouth: On the palate, it is elegant, flaunting soft tannins and a long finish.


Region: [email protected] ([email protected])
Localidad: Agrelo
Altitude: 960 meters asl
Soil: [email protected]
Age: 35 years
Vintage: [email protected]
Yield: 2.24 tons/acre


Vat: stainless steel
Alcoholic fermentation: 20 days
Malolactic fermentation: yes
Maceration: 1 week
Winery aging: 2 months
Oak aging: 12 months
Bottle aging: 8 months


Alcohol: 13.9%
Total acidity: 5.59 g/l
Reducing sugar: 4.62 g/l
Extract: 29.68 g/l
Free sulfur dioxide: 27 mg/l
Total sulfur dioxide: 61 mg/l

Serving suggestions

Service temperature: 63°F
Pairings: roasted meats
Home aging: 7 - 10 years

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Lovaglio, José

About the winemaker

Personal information

Name: Lovaglio, José
Age: 34
Education: [email protected]
Studies abroad: [email protected]

Vision of the Argentinian wine industry: [email protected]


Argentina Wine Awards (2012) Silver
Argentina Wine Awards (2011) Silver