Margot blanc de blancs

Technical data

Winery: Margot
Wine type:

Grape variety:
Vintage: 2008
- Carparelli, Romina

Tasting notes

Sight: Golden, with medium intensity greenish sparkles, shiny, with little pearly bubbles producing great movement. Thin and persistent bubble size.

Nose: Intense aromas of tropical fruits, vanilla and honey with green apple and citric touches on a yeast bottom, which intensely release when its bubbles move.

Mouth: Wide, intense, well structured and unctuous entry with lots of fruits and honey resulting in a fresh and citric finish that invites to continue drinking.


Name: Cordón del Plata, Tupungato
Region: [email protected] ([email protected])
Altitude: 1050 meters asl
Soil: [email protected]
Age: 5 years
Vintage: [email protected]
Yield: 0.00 tons/acre


Vat: Stainless steel tanks up to 5000 liters
Alcoholic fermentation: 1st fermentation with seeding selected French yeas
Malolactic fermentation: Natural and complete
Maceration: 2nd fermentation with a pied de cuve made from sel
Winery aging: 3 months
Bottle aging: 3 months


Alcohol: 11.7%
Total acidity: 4.8 g/l
Volatile acidity: 0.58 g/l
Reducing sugar: 9 g/l
Extract: 20.53 g/l
Free sulfur dioxide: 128 mg/l
Total sulfur dioxide: 35 mg/l

Serving suggestions

Service temperature: 43°F
Pairings: Fresh and dried fruit, soft cheese, sushi, salads, fish, seafood and little fatty and spiced sauté vegetables. Prawn and caviar canapés
Home aging: 1 years

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Carparelli, Romina

About the winemaker

Personal information

Name: Carparelli, Romina
Age: 35
Education: [email protected]
Studies abroad: [email protected]

Vision of the Argentinian wine industry: [email protected]