Gala 1 Luigi Bosca | Malbec . Petit Verdot . Tannat, 2010

Technical data

Winery: Luigi Bosca
Wine type:

Vintage: 2010

Tasting notes

Sight: Deep purplish-red color.

Nose: Rich aromas of red fruit and delicate spiced notes.

Mouth: Modern, harmonious and full-bodied, it is a vigorous caress that leaves a subtle, vanilla trail in the palate. Very persistent.


Name: Finca La Linda, Vistalba
Altitude: 1050 meters asl
Soil: 3345-2699@suelo
Age: 50 years
Vintage: 3345-2699@vendimia
Yield: 258.00 tons/acre

Name: Finca La España, Carrodilla
Soil: 3346-2699@suelo
Vintage: 3346-2699@vendimia

Name: Finca Los Nobles, Las Compuertas
Soil: 3347-2699@suelo
Vintage: 3347-2699@vendimia


Alcohol: 14.2%
Total acidity: 5.4 g/l
Reducing sugar: 2.8 g/l
Extract: 31.5 g/l

Serving suggestions

Service temperature: 64°F
Pairings: Pair with rib eye, risotto, stuffed meat.
Home aging: 15 years

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Irrera, José Domingo

About the winemaker

Personal information

Name: Irrera, José Domingo
Age: 58
Education: jose-domingo-irrera@estudios
Studies abroad: jose-domingo-irrera@cargo

Vision of the Argentinian wine industry: jose-domingo-irrera@vision

Garzia Castro, Vicente Ramón

About the winemaker

Personal information

Name: Garzia Castro, Vicente Ramón
Age: 55
Education: vicente-ramon-garzia-castro@estudios
Studies abroad: vicente-ramon-garzia-castro@cargo

Vision of the Argentinian wine industry: vicente-ramon-garzia-castro@vision