Finca el origen reserva torrontés 2009

Technical data

Wine type:

Grape variety:
Vintage: 2009
- Bertelsen, Gonzalo

Tasting notes

Sight: Pale yellow color with greenish hues.

Nose: Its complex aromatic expression makes it an intense and attractive wine. In the nose, there is a balance between floral and fruity aromas, standing out rose petals, lavender, orange peel and pineapple.

Mouth: In the mouth, it shows a sweet entry with balanced acidity that grants it great freshness.


Name: Valles Calchaquíes
Region: [email protected] ([email protected])
Altitude: 1700 meters asl
Soil: [email protected]
Age: 30 years
Vintage: [email protected]
Yield: 6.45 tons/acre


Vat: Stainless steel tanks.
Alcoholic fermentation: 21 days at temperature between 54 and 57º F
Malolactic fermentation: No
Maceration: 1 day during prefermentation
Winery aging: 6 months


Alcohol: 14%
Total acidity: 5.8 g/l
Volatile acidity: 0.33 g/l
Reducing sugar: 1.45 g/l
Extract: 21.97 g/l
Free sulfur dioxide: 32 mg/l
Total sulfur dioxide: 124 mg/l

Serving suggestions

Service temperature: 50°F
Pairings: Excellent as apperitif or to match starters, salads, cold meats, seafood, Chinese food, spicy and Thai food and empanadas (meat pies) from Salta.

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Bertelsen, Gonzalo

About the winemaker

Personal information

Name: Bertelsen, Gonzalo
Age: 47
Education: [email protected]
Studies abroad: [email protected]

Vision of the Argentinian wine industry: [email protected]

Export destinations

  • Brazil Brazil
  • South Korea South Korea
  • China China
  • United States United States
  • Canada Canada


Argentina Wine Awards (2010) Bronze