Espíritu de Argentina Classic Bonarda 2009

Technical data

Winery: Espíritu de Argentina
Wine type:

Grape variety:
Vintage: 2009

Tasting notes

Sight: an intense and bright ruby-red color

Nose: it is intense and aromas of red fruits, blackberry, raspberry, strawberry, cassis and cherry are perceived

Mouth: it is a nice and sweet wine, with good intensity and soft tannins that make it velvety and elegant


Region: region_2@nombre (subregion_13@nombre)
Soil: 2044-2210@suelo
Vintage: 2044-2210@vendimia


Vat: stainless steel tanks
Alcoholic fermentation: 72 - 80° F
Malolactic fermentation: natural
Maceration: with skins during 3 weeks
Winery aging: 6 months
Oak aging: 6 months
Bottle aging: 0 months


Alcohol: 13%
Total acidity: 5.51 g/l
Reducing sugar: 4.10 g/l
Extract: 32.51 g/l
Free sulfur dioxide: 32 mg/l
Total sulfur dioxide: 115 mg/l

Serving suggestions

Service temperature: 64°F
Pairings: perfect with meat and grilled vegetables, spicy dishes and cheese
Home aging: 4 years

Comercial contact

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Gómez Frontanel, José Pedro

About the winemaker

Personal information

Name: Gómez Frontanel, José Pedro
Age: 65
Education: jose-pedro-gomez-frontanel@estudios
Studies abroad: jose-pedro-gomez-frontanel@cargo

Vision of the Argentinian wine industry: jose-pedro-gomez-frontanel@vision

Export destinations

  • Greece Greece
  • Brazil Brazil
  • Canada Canada
  •  Chequia  Chequia
  • Peru Peru
  • Ukraine Ukraine
  • United States United States