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Veteris Conventus

Cabecera Veteris Conventus


“Vinus” contest just ended with 193 awards

The 10th edition of “Vinus” had recognized lot of wines and liquors from all over the world.  Argentina got  151 awards, followed by Brazil with 22, Israel with 7, USA with 3 and Bolivia with 2. Germany, Australia, France, Italy, South Africa, Spain, Portugal and Macedonia, have been recognized with one award each. Five [...]

Veteris Conventus Tempranillo is the world’s second best Tempranillo

21 Argentine wines take up the 2013 ranking of the Best 100 wines of the WAWWJ (World Association of Wine and Spirits Writers and Journalists).
Within the category of Tempranillo, Veteris Conventus winery takes the second place with its Veteris Conventus Tempranillo Orgánico Partida Limitada 2003. This way, it is considered the world’s second best Tempranillo [...]

About us

Veteris Conventus is the fourth generation involved in the cultivation of grapes and continues the legacy of Carlo, Umberto and Roberto Vittori, pledging to maintain and improve their reputation. The firm shows passion for excellence, providing very high-quality products. Veteris Conventus wines come from an ancestral vineyard, planted in the 1890s in La Carrodilla, Luján de Cuyo. They display unique characteristics, with balanced tannins and perfect ripening.

The company produces very high-quality grapes, with organic certification for High End products and commits itself to non-pollution of the environment; using the ancient and modern agricultural traditions to get the best wines. The winery offers three varietals: Malbec, Tannat and Tempranillo. Currently, it is making a foray into the production of ice wines from these varietals.

According to Veteris Conventus, a great wine is born in a great vineyard, and that is why the company looks after zealously the crop in the vineyard to achieve great wines.