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Tamarí Ar 2007

Grape variety: Malbec 100%
Sight: it exhibits an intense and deep purplish-red color
Nose: its nose is intense, fresh, scented and complex. It displays aromas of ripe red fruits, blackberry, licorice, chocolate with morello cherry, and red flowers notes such as violets. 12 months of aging in French oak barrels granted it extraordinary notes of hazelnuts, almonds and cinnamon
Mouth: on the palate, it is juicy, lively, cheerful, delicate and elegant. It preserves redolent of sweet blackberry, chocolate, toffee and caramel. Its tannins are firm, long and sweet. A ripe fruity aftertaste stands out and it has a very good persistence.

Tamarí Reserva 2009

Grape variety: Malbec 100%
Sight: it exhibits an intense and deep red color
Nose: it is a floral, fruity and intense wine. It offers aromas of violets and jasmines, ripe red fruits, like plums, cherries and chocolate morello cherry. Aging in oak barrels adds complexity, and notes of hazelnuts, almonds, cinnamon.
Mouth: it is a pleasant and delicate wine with good acidity. It is a wine of medium body, long and tasty. The fruit in the mouth preserves redolent of notes of plums, caramel and toffee. Very interesting, tasty and persistent tannins. A long and ripe fruity aftertaste is perceived.