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About Ruca Malén

Bodega Ruca Malén was born in 1998 as the result of the dream of two friends who shared the same passion: to make high-quality wines. Jacques Louis de Montalembert and Jean Pierre Thibaud decided to base this project on their experience and professional background in the beverage industry. The search for quality has been present at every milestone in the winery: its location and architectural design, the work team selection, the technological equipment, the excellent service offered to visitors and mainly, the management, care and treatment of the vineyard, where great wines come from under the experienced eye of the winemaker Pablo Cúneo.

Ruca Malén`s main goal of positioning itself as a referent in the domestic market has already been achieved. In this new stage, the challenge is to consolidate its presence abroad. Therefore, Ruca Malén is carrying out a foreign trade strategy, which is close to come true once the wines arrive in new markets, apart from the current export destinations.

Ruca Malén’s style is translated into elegant, complex and balanced wines that match and enhance meals while letting them shine. This characteristic is perceived as an intense and fresh fruity aroma with a certain complexity granted by its oak aging. The names of the winery and its wine ranges come from Mapuche language. Ruca Malén means “the young girl’s house”, while Yauquén makes reference to the ritual of sharing and Kinién to the fact of being “unique”, a characteristic that defines the spirit of this wine regarding high-quality standards.



Jacques Louis de Montalembert - President
Jean Pierre Thibaud - Vicepresident
Sebastián de Montalembert, Antoine Thibaud - Directors
Fernando Ragni - General Manager
Pablo Cúneo - Winery Director, Winemaker and Agronomist
Ricardo Valero - Foreign Trade
Carolina Macaya - Public Relations Manager


Commercial Address

Dorrego 1916 / 40 Planta Baja E - Capital Federal - Argent
Phone/Fax: 261-4138909 - 154540974

Winery Address

Ruta N° 7 Km 1059 - Mendoza - ZC 5507
Phone/Fax: +54 261 5628357


Contact Winery

Technical data

Trade Name Ruca Malén


Owned by the company: 21 ha
Owned by independent growers: 61 ha
Vineyards location: Mendoza: Luján de Cuyo (Agrelo, Perdriel) – Tupungato – San Carlos (La Consulta) – Tunuyán – Maipú (Lunlunta)
Varieties: Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Syrah, Tempranillo, Petit Verdot


Crush capacity
700.000 kilos

Vat capacity
Total: 935.500 liters
Stainless steel tanks: 678.000liters
Concrete vats: 100.000 liters
Oak barrels: 157.500liters

500.000 bottles

Bottling lines
Outsourced (mobile line)


Annual earnings: USD 765.320
Annual exports: USD 1.115.910
Export brands: Kinien de Don Raul, Kinien, Ruca Malén, Yauquén
Export destinations: Brazil, Uruguay, Peru, Paraguay, Venezuela, Canada, The Netherlands, France, Ireland, England, United States