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Ojo de Vino


About Ojo de Vino

The story of Ojo de Vino SA begins in 1972 when Dieter Meier, owner and alma mater, arrives in Argentina to help his father on a business trip, and is awed by the grandeur of the landscape and natural resources. Dieter Meier is a renowned musician (, conceptual artist ( and successful entrepreneur (; a Swiss who exudes passion, creativity and perseverance in all his initiatives.

In 1986, he begins investing in “La Pampa Húmeda”, one of the world’s premiere agricultural and cattle raising regions. In 2000, after being introduced to the Argentine Malbec and to the lands that produce its best specimens, he decides to purchase 340 Has in the heart of Agrelo, Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza. In 2002 he plants 65 hectares with a vision steeped in certainty: “the vineyard must express itself free from interference; from there we will get the best grape Agrelo is capable of producing”. A simple and determined thought: “if Agrelo produces many of Argentina’s best Malbecs and Cabernets, what would happen if we incorporated a viticulture that is clean, pure, free from chemical products?”

The grapes that produce the wines of Ojo de Vino generally come from two types of vines, Malbec and Cabernet. Beyond the typical characteristics that the terroir gives these grapes, what surprises about these wines is their depth and complexity, which are well compensated by freshness, sweetness and minerality.
The bet on an organic viticulture in Agrelo was as original as it was auspicious. At the moment of elaboration, it is easy to find the wines and quality to which Dieter aspires. The grapes highlight the characteristics of the wines and allow for the elaboration of fresh and pure varietal wines without wood as well as complex and sophisticated blends.

The Ojo de Vino wines posses the charisma and the adventurous spirit of their alma mater, Dieter Meier, the passion and creativity of their renowned enologist, Marcelo Pelleriti, and the consistency that they receive from the tradition of the Terroir, Agrelo.

Agrelo has a privileged location, even among the already chosen few. Located at over 1,000 meters above sea level in the extreme southwest of Lujan de Cuyo, it is there that Agrelo builds its prestige. Its close proximity to the imposing Andes Mountains underscores its noble status.



Patricio Eppinger – General Manager
Juan José Gonzalez Pessinatti – Production Manager
Marcelo Pelleretti – Winemaker
Adrián Gomez – Administration and Financial Manager


Commercial adress and winery location

Bajo Las Cumbres s/n - ZC 5509
Phone/Fax: 0261-4790145


Contact Winery

Technical data

Trade Name Ojo de Vino SA

Owned by the company: 72 ha
Owned by independent growers: 7 ha
Vineyards location: Mendoza: Luján de Cuyo (Agrelo)
Varieties: Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, Merlot, Syrah

700.000 kilos
Total: 985.000 liters
Stainless steel tanks: 800.000 liters
Concrete vats: 100.000 liters
Oak barrels: 85.000 liters
400.000 bottles
2.500 bottles-hour
BIO – Argencert Organic Certification

USD 3.466.255
USD 3.365.297
Dieter Meier Puro, Ojo de Agua
Switzerland, Germany, United States, Norway, Canada