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NQN - Patagonia Argentina


Patagonia wines for the summer

The region produces very fresh white wines and rosés with good acidity. The prefect mix for a summer drink.

There are produced some very good, fresh, young white wines in Patagonia. Some fruity, inviting Chardonnays; icy sharp Sauvignon Blancs; and some Semillón that stands out for its elegance and fresh flavor. Even the few rosés that are produced in this region achieve rich fruity aromas with a fresh and slightly embracing effect.

2010 Saurus Chardonnay, of Familia Schroeder winery, is one of the best example of this varietal in the region. Aromatic, crispy acidity, it is medium-bodied and stands out for its elegance. Tasty white for summer appetizers like cheese and cold cuts trays.

NQN’s 2011 Picada 15 Blanco is a blend of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc with a pinch of Pinot Noir. It is intense, refreshing, an ideal option to put on the table in an ice bucket.

The brand new 2011 Torrontés Fin del Mundo is a curious example of what the signature white variety of Argentina can do in a cold region. Lightly aromatic with a rich and elegant mouth.

2011 Humberto Canale Old Vineyard Riesling represents the best of the Patagonia region wine heritage. Planted more than 60 years ago, these old vines give birth to a brilliant white wine of pleasant floral aromas. Sleek but with a rugged edge as well.

2010 Saurus Malbec Rosé is the perfect wine to accompany a meal. Its tasty, balanced, and kind palate places this wine next to a tuna salad or a ‘lengua vinagreta’ (a typical Argentine dish: the cows tongue in a vinaigrette dressing).

2009 Humberto Canale Semillón is one of the few varietals that is made with this grape. It is a fragrant white wine with obvious notes of honey. It has a pleasant palate and a long finish. It is perfect for cold cuts appetizers.

Source: La Mañana de Neuquén

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