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About Montechez

After a couple of meeting with friends, trips and moonlit bonfires, a group of Argentinian businessmen with a vast experience in farming had the same dream: to make wines from matchless-quality grapes.

This is how Montechez Fincas y Bodegas was born in 2005. After a long time producing corn, soy, sunflower, peanut, cotton, meat, wood, etc., it was time to do something where, apart from sharing their professional skills, they could enjoy what they were doing. That spirit led them to their goal of producing high-quality grapes and wines that represent the best of their terroir and culture.

Montechez’s estates are located in a privileged region for wine growing. The first one, only planted with Malbec, is situated in Alto Ugarteche, in the so-called “first wine region”, irrigated by Mendoza River, at over 900 meter asl.

The other two extend over the Uco Valley, an extraordinary place for winemaking; one of them, in La Consulta, and the other one in Altamira. Both estates are grown with Malbec, Cabernet Franc, Shiraz, Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio, and Chardonnay, at over 1,000 meters asl.



Juan Gabriel Tellería – CEO
Carlos G. Cid – Operations Manager
“The South Connection” – Exports


Business Address

Av Córdoba 1318 7ºB - ZC (1055) CABA
Phone/Fax: 54 11 4372 8748

Finca La Consulta

Tienda vieja s/n - La Consulta - San Carlos - Mendoza - Argentina s/n

Finca Alto Ugarteche

Calle 45 Oeste s/n - Ugarteche - Luján De Cuyo - Mendoza - Argentina s/n

Finca Altamira adress

Calle Los Indios s/n. Altamira, San Carlos


Contact Winery

Technical data

Trade Name Fincas y Bodegas Montechez S.A.

Owned by the company: 90 ha
Vineyards location: Mendoza: Valle de Uco (La Consulta), Luján de Cuyo (Alto Ugarteche)
Varieties: Malbec, Cabernet Franc, Syrah, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio

Colón 423, 2º piso, of 1 – CP 5500 – Mendoza – Argentina
Phone: 54 261 4231065
E-mail: administració

Av. Córdoba 1318, 7º piso, Dto. B
Capital Federal – CP 1055 – Buenos Aires – Argentina
Phone: 54 11 4372 8748


Finca La Consulta: Calle Tienda Vieja s/n
La Consulta – San Carlos – Mendoza – Argentina
Finca Alto Ugarteche: Calle 45 Oeste s/n
Ugarteche – Luján de Cuyo – Mendoza – Argentina

Contact: Carlos G. Cid
Phone: 54 261 156793591