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Icono Luigi Bosca 2008

Grape variety: Malbec 60% - Cabernet Sauvignon 40%
Sight: Deep red color with violet hints.
Nose: Oily, with marked aromas of black fruit, ripe plum, cassis, blackberry, and a refined violet bouquet.
Mouth: Vigorous and robust, well- structured, full-bodied and balanced. Velvety finish in the mouth.

Luigi Bosca Malbec D.O.C., 2010.

Grape variety: Malbec 100%
Sight: Intense purple color.
Nose: Aromas of cherry and ripe plum.
Mouth: Spiced, with mocha and blackberry hints. Gracefully sweet.

Luigi Bosca De Sangre, 2010

Grape variety: Cabernet Sauvignon 70% - Merlot 15% - Syrah 15%
Sight: Marked by a deep red color with violet nuances.
Nose: Velvety palate of exuberant aromas contributed by the granite soil.
Mouth: It is a vigorous, robust, and highly intense blend with a prolonged and velvety finish.

Gala 1 Luigi Bosca | Malbec . Petit Verdot . Tannat, 2010

Grape variety: Malbec 85% - Tannat 5% - Petit Verdot 10%
Sight: Deep purplish-red color.
Nose: Rich aromas of red fruit and delicate spiced notes.
Mouth: Modern, harmonious and full-bodied, it is a vigorous caress that leaves a subtle, vanilla trail in the palate. Very persistent.

Finca Los Nobles Luigi Bosca Field Blend Cabernet Bouchet, 2008

Grape variety:
Sight: Deep purple color.
Nose: Aromas of green pepper and cassis.
Mouth: Special concentration of tannins that are in balance with the softness and sweetness enjoyed in the mouth.