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360° Sustainability

Eugenio Bustos` legacy is a set of cultural values and beliefs that transcends generations and inspires us to work with passion and commitment.

La Celia, is strongly committed to a more natural and eco-friendly production of wines. Therefore adheres to the 360° Sustainability programme developed by the VSPT Wine Group, and has adopted a sustainable management on all our actions. We, at La Celia, work hard to strengthen the relationship with our communities, environment, our workers, clients, and consumers by trying to take responsibility of our decisions and actions leaving a better world to our future generations.

The management outlines the keys for success as: customer satisfaction and product quality, both subject to continuous improvement.

This approach cares for the natural environment, promotes good health and the workers safety standards.


From the grape harvest to the finished product, each productive stage is subject to an exhaustive analysis where critical points are rigorously controlled to guarantee compliance of standards requirements.

La Celia’s Integrated Management System was introduced in 2004; it is composed of international norms certified by Bureau Veritas and FLO-Cert:

ISO 9001: Quality Management System.

ISO 22000: Food Innocuousness Management System.

ISO 14001: Environmental Management System.

OHSAS 18001: Health and Occupational Safety Management System.

FAIRTRADE standards for contract employees since 2011

Corporate Social Responsibility

The socially responsible management model carried out at La Celia is built over three important strategic pillars that interact generating a unique added-value:

Economic Value – it allows Industry permanence.

Social Value- it preserves more comprehensive support of our employees, their families and their social context.

Common Good Value – through respect for natural environment.

Since 2005 our company has participated in various social schemes.

Health and safety

La Celia is a company that trusts its staff to work efficiently. Its policy consists of growing together with the cooperation of its workers by applying responsible and sustainable practices.

Natural environment

The responsibility for the Natural Environment is a way of life at La Celia. It is the cornerstone that guides our daily actions. Some of the practices we carry out are as follows:

Monitoring of  performance indicators.

Programs to get the maximum water conservation and reduce energy consumption.

Composting of all organic matter from the vineyard, winemaking activities and parks preservation, returning it to the land as natural fertilizers.

Use of ecological bottles (weight reduction).

A recycling program and administration of waste materials from the production process. (agro-chemical containers, hazardous waste and e-waste)

Preservation of biological corridors (native fauna and seed dispersal/propagation routes for flora and lower life forms.).


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