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Callejón del Crimen present in Ukraine on Malbec World Day

Callejón del Crimen wines, made by Finca La Luz, accompanied the celebrations of the Malbec World Day, on Abril 23. The event took place on a ship sailing with 200 guests on the River Dniéper, crossing Kiev, Ukraine’s capital.
The opening speech was delivered by Argentina’s ambassador, Olga Lila Roldan Vazquez, organizer of the event. Afterwards, [...]


Callejón del Crimen Estate Torrontés 2013

Grape variety: Torrontés 100%
Sight: Greenish yellow color.
Nose: Fruit at its best. Presence of flowers like jasmine. Citrus notes.
Mouth: A very fresh and persistent wine.

Callejón del Crimen Gran Reserva Petit Verdot 2011

Grape variety: Petit Verdot 100%
Sight: Dark cherry colour.
Nose: Aromas of candied fruit and mineral. Tear wide.
Mouth: Very tasty palate. Intense tannins.

Callejón del Crimen Malbec 2013

Grape variety: Malbec 100%
Sight: An elegant and complex wine, deep ruby ​​red.
Nose: Notes of red fruits such as cherries and ripe plums, with spicy fragrances such as black pepper.
Mouth: The taste is complex, with good body and structure, soft tannins, ripe and excellent intensity and length. In the finish appear a delicate toast and vanilla flavors.

About us

Founded 60 years ago by an italian immigrant, our vineyards are located in what many consider to be the most desirable area for viticulture in the Uco Valley of Mendoza. Our wines are now known worldwide and have won numerous awards and high ratings. Finca La Luz has combined traditional and time proven methods with modern viticultural and winemaking practices. From wide and bright alleys, our vineyards are located at an altitude of over 1100 metres, at the foot of the Andes Mountain range, where year after year and generation after generation, a white owl protects our vines, looking after our fruit with the tenacity of a true Vineyards Guardian.

At Finca La Luz we know that by taking care of details we can offer wines with unique style. Our winemakers have all the tools, technology and passion needed to create wines with personality.

The difference always lies in the details.