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Familia Otero Ramos


About Familia Otero Ramos

The project that Manuel Otero Ramos had matured for many years was posed as one of seriousness and importance, strongly determined as a legacy, and today he shows it with great pride. FAMILIA OTERO RAMOS is the result of many decades of effort, passion and hard work. In a province where wine culture has been fostered for years by their ancestors, few succeed in accomplishing wine entrepreneurships. This is the case of Manuel Otero, who carries viticulture in his veins and managed to get involved with the land.  A decade ago, he decided to make this dream come true. This is when this ambitious project came to light. In the late 90’s he acquired a parcel of rich soil in Luján de Cuyo, first wine region in Mendoza and cradle of Mendoza´s signature grape variety. Then, since 2000, “Don” Manuel together with his wife and children has continued with the accomplishment of this project, imprint of which has always been passion and the hope of achieving the set goal.

The winery’s Spanish style is typical of late 19th century. It has a wine cellar intended for the wine aging in oak barrels and bottles, with equipment for humidity and temperature control. Premium wines, the highest technology and the most careful and traditional winemaking practices identify this winery. A five-star rural lodge has been conceived as part of the winery’s project, targeted at first-class tourists seeking to enjoy a comfortable and excellent service.



Manuel Otero Ramos – President, General Director and Winemaker.
Lic. Roxana Otero Ramos – Trade Director
Sergio Correa Undurraga – International Consultant Agronomist and Winemaker.
Ana Ranaldi – Plant Winemaker
José Noya – Vineyards and Winery Manager
Lic. María Fernanda Rébora de Otero – Overseas Market
Lic. María Yanina Iglesias – Overseas market and Tourism
Ing. Jorge Cabrera – Safety and Health
CP Fabián Imazio – Institutional Relations
CP UNC Patricia Fadin y Roberto Farruggia – Accounting and Financial Consultants
Dr. Alejandro Boulin – Legal Advisor


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Technical data


Owned by the company: 92 hectares
Vineyards location: Mayor Drummond, Luján de Cuyo (32 ha.) – Valle de Uco (60 ha.)
Varieties: Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Tannat, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Torrontés.

CRUSH CAPACITY: 30.000 kilos-day
VAT CAPACITY Total: 930.000 liters
Stainless steel tanks: 500.000 liters
Epoxi coated concrete vats: 380.000 liters
Oak barrels: 50.000 liters
STORAGE 400.000 bottles
STANDARDS: Traceability program, Good Agricultural Practices, Program for the implementation of Good Manufacturing Practices.

EXPORT BRANDS: Cafetín, Testamento, Andestierra, Tierras del Ande, Tierra los Andes, Monte Olivar, Gritos, Suipacha, Extramuros, Otero Ramos, 30 Yardas.
EXPORT DESTINATIONS: USA, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Poland, Switzerland, Israel, Peru, Colombia.

Araoz 2750 (Ruta 60) – Mayor Drummond – Luján de Cuyo – Mendoza (5507)
Tel: 54- (9) 261- 154539090
Nextel: 54*145*7192
Nextel: 54*145*7191
E-mail: [email protected], [email protected] , [email protected]
Sitio web: /
Dirección de Facebook: Bodega Otero Ramos
Dirección de Twitter: @oteroramos (Bodega Otero Ramos)

Araoz 2750 (Ruta 60) – Mayor Drummond – Luján de Cuyo – Mendoza (5507)
Tel/Fax: 54-261-4961680
Mail: [email protected]


Lic. Roxana Otero Ramos – Trade Director – [email protected]
Lic. María Yanina Iglesias – Overseas market and Tourism – [email protected]