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Mairena Sauvignon Blanc 2011

Grape variety: Sauvignon Blanc 100%
Nose: Aroma of citrus fruits and herbal notes.
Mouth: Fresh and fruity with a long and balanced finish.

Mairena Torrontés 2011

Grape variety: Torrontés 100%
Sight: Soft yellow with golden hues.
Nose: Floral aroma with hints of honey and anis.
Mouth: Fresh with a nice acidity, finishes sweet.

Mairena Brut 2011

About us

It is the trunk of Spanish roots that has prevailed. For three generations, the company has devoted itself to the cultivation of the land, achieving the magnificent union between mankind and fruit.

In the 80´s, Gabriel and Mónica, together with their five children, decided to carry on with the family tradition of obtaining the best from the land. This way, in 2005, they gave birth to an old desire to pour the great effort made in the vineyard into the bottle of wine.

Today, Blanco Family sets its heart on producing its wine lines, focusing on the development from the cultivation to each and every stage of the winemaking processes.
The challenge is to translate the family’s enthusiasm, effort and talent into special wines that not only satisfy the most demanding palates but also reach high standards of quality worldwide, combining tradition with innovation.