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Del Fin del Mundo


Reds and chopsticks

The rule of traditional pairing indicates that sushi is the finest partner to white wine, sparkling wine and beer. However, reds do not fall behind. The Pinot Noir, soft and fruity, is the perfect varietal to match with rolls, nigirizushi, makizushi and temakizushi.

Planeta Joy, the gourmet Argentine magazine, published a list of recommended wines that included 2008 Saurus Pinot Noir, 2008 Salentein Reserve Pinot Noir, and 2010 Fin del Mundo Reserva Pinot Noir.

2008 Saurus Pinot Noir (AR50)

Familia Schroeder has specialized on Pinot Noir: every range of wines in its portfolio includes this varietal. And we love this one especially because it expresses itself gracefully. It is fruity and medium-bodied. It stands out for its fruit aromas, like cherries and strawberries with some earthy notes. The palate is soft, elegant and embracing with a pleasant fruity finish.

2008 Salentein Reserve Pinot Noir (AR60)

This Uco Valley winery has been working steady on this difficult varietal. On the last harvests, Salentein has found a way to Pinot Noir. It is red, fruity and complex, of soft textures and fair body. This Pinot Noir is the perfect match for urokamis – the rolls made of rice on the outside and crispy panko and a succulent piece of sole.

2010 Fin del Mundo Reserva Pinot Noir (AR68)

The largest winery of Neuquén, Del Fin del Mundo winery, has a wide portfolio of wines and this Pinot Noir Reserve stands out among all of them. Attractive fruity and earthy aromas with subtle notes of oak that open up in the mouth to result in a smooth, soft and savory finish. It tastes better if you pair it with king prawn tempura and classic rolls with soy sauce and a slight touch of wasabi.

Source: Planeta Joy

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