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Gustavo Gago: “El mercado interno es muy competitivo y con valores muy deprimidos”

Asegura que en Argentina las ventas en 2015 estarán delimitadas por la situación macroeconómica del país. Cree que la inflación es determinante a la hora de hacer pronósticos.

Carelli 34 Malbec 2012 is awarded in Premium Select Wine

Carelli 34 Malbec 2012 received 86 points (meaning “very good”), three stars and a Silver medal in the Premium Select Wine Challenge 2013 organized by “Selection” magazine together with Prowein Düsseldorf 2013. Premium Select Wine Challenge is an international contest of high-end wine, widely renowned in Germany as well as in the rest of Europe. [...]


34 Cabernet Sauvignon

Grape variety: Cabernet Sauvignon 100%
Sight: Violet and ruby hues.
Nose: Fresh, that remainds of eucalyptus; pepper aromas that provide complexity; presence of red and black fruits.
Mouth: Black pepper and sweet tannins. Its soft persistence transforms it in a delicate and elegant wine.

Carla Chiaro Reserva Malbec 2009

Grape variety: Malbec 100%
Sight: Intense color, purplish red to black shades.
Nose: Good balance between red fruits and chocolate and coffee notes.
Mouth: The mildness of its tannins makes it special, long and with a slight liquor taste, but with a strong character.

34 Malbec

Grape variety: Malbec 100%
Sight: Intense ruby red color
Nose: Great aromatic intensity granted by its varietal characteristics, with red and black fruit notes
Mouth: In the mouth, it has a balanced acidity with slight tobacco and spicy notes as well as sweet tannins

About us

Bodega Carelli has been owned by the Carelli family since 1943, when Santos Carelli planted the first vineyards with high quality grapes for winemaking. The third generation is currently participating in the project, under the direction of Santos's son, Enrique J. Carelli, who continues incorporating new technology with the same entrepreneurial spirit of its founder.

The winery comprises a late 19th century building, recently restored by the famous Bórmida-Yanzón studio, maintaining its original construction and country-house style: high ceilings, wooden floors and ornaments, and glass skylights, all of which create an intimate environment to be appreciated by visitors. The winery's original capacity of 890,000 liters has increased to 4,500,000 liters. Tradition and technology come together at Bodega Carelli.