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Particular Malbec 2008

Grape variety: Malbec 85% - Merlot 7% - Malbec 6%
Sight: Lively, deep purplish red color.
Nose: Fresh and sweet aromas of cherry and ripe plums that mingle with spicy notes from its aging in oak barrels.
Mouth: The complexity of the French oak barrel and the sweetness of the American barrels, give strength to this great wine in the mouth that has an intense, complex finish.

Enzo Bianchi Grand Cru 2007

Grape variety: Cabernet Sauvignon 70% - Petit Verdot 15% - Malbec 15%
Sight: It displays a seductive, intense purplish red color.
Nose: Ripe fruits such as plums, black cherries, and blackberries.
Mouth: In the mouth it is soft and round, with firm tannins what makes it a full-bodied wine. As a blend we can appreciate different virtues; the softness and sweetness from the Malbec; the firm tannins of the

Leo Malbec premium 2010

Grape variety: Malbec 100%
Sight: Red intense color with tears running slowly through the edge of the glass.
Nose: Deep aromas of ripe plum and cherries, with intense spiciness and voluptuousness, enhanced by the French oak based on the complexity and robustness of the American oak that completes their complex aromatic plot.
Mouth: Intense, persistent and elegant with ripe tannins that embrace a friendly nice long finish.

About us

Since 1928, when Don Valentín Bianchi founded the winery, the family has evolved into the integration of two objectives that encompass the company's spirit: to make excellent wines, having respect for the consumer. Run by the third generation of the family, Casa Bianchi, one of the few 100% national-owned wineries, is a good example of the combination of tradition and technology. In order to meet new trends, the winery receives advice from American and French winemakers. Teamwork is vital. A staff of young and vibrant people constantly generates progress and modernization, within the guidelines of classic and rigorous responsibility. Some of its most renowned brands are Enzo Bianchi Grand Cru, Particular, Famiglia Bianchi, Génesis, Bianchi DOC, Bianchi Varietals, LEO and Bianchi Extra Brut. Its products are present in highly competitive markets such as United Kingdom, United States, Brazil, Canada and Spain, among over other 40 destinations.