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Wines from Patagonia Argentina 2011

“Vinos de la Patagonia Argentina 2011” (Wines from Patagonia Argentina 2011) will be carried out at Espacio Duam, in Neuquén, on September 29th, 30th and October 1st.

This will be the 4th edition of the fair. The 3rd had an incredible response from the public and the press of the region. This year the fair has been declared “of provincial interest” by the provinces Río Negro and Neuquén.

Wine lovers and those who are starting to live experiences with wine, will have the chance to come into contact with the wineries, get to know their new products and their work. They will also be able to buy wine and participate of raffles, games and contests like the Best Patagonia’s Pinot Noir contest. There will be restaurants with Patagonia’s gastronomy and the museum of wines from Patagonia.

WineSur’s wineries that will be present are: Humberto Canale, Bodega Del Fin del Mundo, Familia Schroeder, NQN and Secreto Patagónico.

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