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Trapiche´s Winemaker builds a track record

Wine Spectator recently published an article in which the winemaker of Trapiche, Daniel Pi, is well flattered. According to this important U. S. magazine, the new single-vineyard Mendoza Malbec helps raise the bar for the greatest Argentina’s winery: Trapiche. As James Molesworth, of Wine Spectator explained in the note, “the elaboration of single-vineyard is more than the usual selection of the optimum location for a vineyard. It is the result of a competition which in fact Pi has achieved to get the best vintners involved. Each year, together with the winemaker Marcelo Belmonte (who Pi brought on board in 2003 to oversee more than 1,000 hectares), Daniel takes a sample of a few dozen vineyards. Those who he believes are the best are bottled as single-vineyard wines, and the label bears the names of the vintners themselves, rather than the name of the vineyard. This is a reward system that has helped to stimulate a culture of high quality among the vintners, unlike its previous productions. There are only three “winners” in each vintage, for what the selection process is very rigorous. “

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