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The Luigi Bosca Experience

Luigi Bosca opens its doors so that tourists themselves can discover the meaning of “The Luigi Bosca Experience”.

“We want our visitors to meet the people that make wine and how they work. We want them to feel conformable and pleased when tasting our wines.

Their visit is invaluable to us. In these days we receive a constant flow of feedback from the mass media. The advantage of getting comments like “I was there” and “I was very well served” creates positive feedback that strengthen the bonds with the brand.

60% of the tourists we receive are foreigners, especially from Brazil and the United States. Luigi Bosca also aims at attracting tourists that come to Mendoza for conferences and corporative and incentive meetings.

The Hospitality staff at Luigi Bosca is made up of well qualified people that master many languages and have specific skills to carry out their tasks. Tours and activities are delivered in Spanish, English, Portuguese and French.

“In our winery visitors will find the “Vía Crucis del Vino” (Wine Via Crucis) that it is unique in the world”.

The Via Crucis was made along 13 years and it shows the most important landmarks of the national wine industry. It comprises 14 murals of reinforced concrete, with a polychrome paint. It relates the different steps of the history and production process of wine to the stations of the Christian Via Crucis. Their measures are 1.13m x 51.50 m x 0.21 m.


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