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Tamarí’s Malbec amazes Malbeceamos

The US blog, Malbeceamos, tasted in 2011 25 different Argentine wines. In this article, the author talks about the wines that amazed him the most.

2009 Tamarí Malbec (USD 16) is one of the wines that according to Malbeceamos stood out in terms of price and quality.

“My glass gave off a delicious fragrance of red licorice and black currants. A first sip revealed a juicy, robust malbec with flavors of ripe cherry and a hint of cotton candy. There was just enough oak in this wine to give it a complex earthiness which was complimented by smooth round tannins. The array of vivid flavors worked together flawlessly delivering a malbec that was bold and unique.”

This was a killer malbec. It stands out both in terms of quality and originality. I hope that it stays on sale so I can grab another bottle.”

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