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Patriotic Day at Bodegas del Sur

During the last week of May, NQN winery will offer visitants a special lunch to commemorate May 25 (date in which the May Revolution in 1810 concluded- series of political developments that resulted in the independence of Argentina six years later). This day seeks to revive the typical aromas and flavor of our country. Matias Nuñez, Executive Chef of Malma Resto Bar designed the menu (AR 135 per person).

On May 25 visitors that decide to go to NQN will live an unforgettable experience outdoors. They will taste the wine with homemade ‘empanadas’ (meat pies) in the middle of the vineyards.

For those who visit Bodega del Fin del Mundo, they are invited to participate in a country bonfire with wine and ‘empanadas’ at midday or in the afternoon with homemade fried pastry paired with wines.


Bodega NQN

Reservas Malma Resto Bar: 0299 4897600

Ruta Prov. Nro.7, Picada 15, San Patricio del Chañar

Bodega del Fin del Mundo

Ruta Provincial 8 Km 9

San Patricio del Chañar, Neuquén

Tel/Fax +54 299 5555 330

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