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Live the best of the Mendozan summer at Norton

This summer, awaiting the arrival of the harvest, Norton winery invites you to participate of its new tourist activities at the foot of the Los Andes Mountains that guarantee an unforgettable experience.

Discovering Varietals is a program that concentrates on the vineyard; where the secrets of great wines are kept. Visitors will be able to taste the most outstanding varietals right next to the vineyards that gave birth to them. After that, they will make a tour around the winery and once at the Tasting Room they will be delighted with a high-end Malbec.

Food & Wine Friendly Experience offers a magical moment by the vineyards and the amazing Cordón del Plata. Guests will enjoy the winery’s top sparkling wines and varietals. Then, after an exclusive visit of the winery, at the restaurant La Vid, guests will enjoy a lunch with a unique pairing that combines a menu of olive oils and prestigious wines.

Besides, Norton winery keeps offering its other renowned programs: Creciendo Junto al Vino (Growing along with Wine), in which visitors can accompany wine from its birth at the vineyards to the bottle. Atardeceres de Vendimia (Harvest Sunsets) is a program to contemplate the sunset, enjoy a tango lesson and savor delicious regional products paired with exclusive wines.

For further information and reservations, please contact [email protected] / Tel. (+54 0261) 4909760 | 153047445 /

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