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International Wine Journalists visited Alpasión

Organized by Wines of Argentina, the guests visited Patagonia and Mendoza. The main purpose of this experience was to visit wine regions of Argentina, increase knowledge of the vineyards, the terroir, the food and wine of this country.

The reception was in charge of the Operation Manager, Federico Yañez. After that, the journalist team tasted high-premium Malbec Alpasión 2012 and Selección Privada 2011. Agronomist Guillermo Cacciaguerra along with Paola Correa (Foreign Trade)) were responsible for providing a technical talk on the project in general, and wine in particular.

The perception of the journalists was very positive about the wines and the accommodation service the winery offers, creating an excellent impression of the constant growth of the company’s winemaking and tourism.


Philip S. Kampe

Wine journalist who contributes to The Tasting Panel and Wine Enthusiast Online. Weekly contributor to The Wine Hub, Bayou Buzz and

Deborah Parker Wong

Deborah Parker Wong is Northern Californian editor for The Tasting Panel magazine

Henry Weingarten

Henry Weingarten is a registered investment adviser with the state of New York, a self-described “financial astrologer” and writer for Weingarten blog-voted top 5 out of 999 blogs in 2013.

Stefani Jackenthal

Stefani Jackenthal is an adventure travel and wine journalist for print, web, TV, and radio and an elite endurance racer who has competed and reported from around the world.

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