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Great international performance from Atamisque Winery

In 2010, Atamisque achieved a turnover of USD 1,500,000, being USD 1,300,000 the result of exports. “The United States accounts for 40% of our sale, but we have very good spread in Europe and Asia. The American nation has the advantage that it is a very open market to the news. Malbec is very well received in this country as well as the Argentine wine in general, sometimes buying more expensive Premium quality wines” , said Jean-Edouard.

Export brands used by the company are Atamisque and Catalpa and besides United States, their destinations are: Peru, Brazil, Belgium, Holland, France, Denmark, England, Germany, Japan and China.

Atamisque works with three price levels in Argentina: AR$ 45 for Serbal line, AR$ 85 for Catalpa and AR$ 150 for Atamisque (with the exception of their icon wine Atamisque Assemblage of AR$ 190). Within the U.S. this is equivalent to USD 12 for Serbal line, USD 18 for Catalpa, USD 30 for Atamisque and USD 40 for the Assemblage.

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