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Dominio del Plata in Jay Miller’s last publication

Jay Miller, Wine Advocate’s former taster of Argentine wines, published his last scores, as well as the best producers and wines in Argentina on 23rd December.

On this occasion, Miller gave Dominio del Plata’s wines exceptional scores. 2008 Nosotros (USD 100) received 94 points and 2008 Brioso (USD 45) achieved 93 points.

Moreover, the winery was chosen as one of Best Producer and Crios was part of The Best Value Wines list.

In relation to Argentina, Jay Miller mentioned: “Over the last 5+ years, the region has undergone dramatic changes. When I did my first review in 2007, I covered more wines from Argentina than had been reviewed in the first 28 years of this journal. Now, Argentina, depending upon the latest statistics, is one of the top three importers to the USA market, along with Spain and Chile.”

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