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Bodega Budeguer is present at Cuisine & Vins Expo 2012

Several wines from Bodegas Budeguer that obtained golden and silver medals at the 2012 edition of Concours Mondial de Bruxelle, are now being presented at Cuisine & Vins Expo 2012 at Palacio Paz, Av. Santa Fe 750, Buenos Aires, June 6, 7 and 8 from 5pm to 11pm.

More than 200 top-notch companies will present their products at Expo Cuisine & Vins. Traditional wineries will launch their most powerful wines and will carry out talks and tastings conducted by their winemakers. There will be also exhibited spirits, cigars, luxury resorts offers, delicacies, artisanal products from all around the country, innovative products of ingenious businessmen and women as well as different flavors of the most outstanding restaurants.

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