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Ambassadors of the Arts at Vendimia

Trivento opens a new exhibit “Ellas” that pays homage to the women of Mendoza. This particular exhibit showcases paintings, jewelry, and photography by Dora Composto de Dawbarn, Javiera Yañez Correas and Valeria Méndez, respectively. It deals with very distinct forms of expression that are nevertheless united in their calling: to search with aesthetic sense and rigor.

The host winery presents “Ellas”(the artists) as Ambassadors of the Arts at Vendimia, pioneering and transcendent figures. Currently, the presence of women is so significant that it is impossible not to evoke their vision, the strength of their images, contribution to art, and the mark they leave on culture. “The grand honors of Vendimia in Mendoza go to the woman” stresses Monica Caamaño, Marketing Manager. She also adds “we women are the protagonists of the 21st century viticulture”. Mauricio Runno, art selector and journalist, concludes “asserting that art is an elevated form of creativity reinforces the show’s themes: women, artists, contemporaneity and sensibility.

The opening cocktail will count on the presentation of the band La Maja y Erniño led by María soledad Contreras, former vocalist of Simpecao, and composer and bassist, Leo Mut.

The exhibit will be open from February 17 until May 18 from 9am to 6pm at Trivento Art Space. Admission is free.

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