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Cúneo, Pablo

About the winemaker

Personal information

Name: Cúneo, Pablo
Age: 44 Years

Current position:

Technical Director at Ruca Malén Winery

Previous work experience:

2002 – 2006 – Bodega Terrazas de Los Andes
1998 – 2002 – Second Winemaker- Bodegas Chandon S.A.
1998 Harvest – Grape maturity control – Bodegas Chandon S.A.
1997 Harvest – Interim winery technical expert – Bodegas Chandon S.A.

Studies abroad:

Work experience in South-West France – 2003 harvest in Bordeaux. Several trips around South-West France and Champagne in order to get to know the regions and become qualified in specifically technical subjects such as micro-oxygenation, grapes maturity follow-up, extraction processes (maceration), sensorial evaluation and statistical analysis applied to the sensorial analysis and to wines follow-up database.

List of best wines and their awards:

Ruca Malén Petit Verdot – Argentina Wine Awards 2010 (Trophy)
Kinién Malbec 2007 – Argentina Wine Awards 2009- Gold Medal
Kinién Malbec 2007 - Andreas Larsson “My top picks”- 90 pts
Malbec 2007 – Tanzer – 2º Ranking “The Best Argentinian Wines 2009″
Ruca Malén Malbec 2007 – Decanter World Wine Awards 2009- Gold Medal
Ruca Malén Petit Verdot 2007 – Argentina Wine Awards 2009 – Silver Medal / Andreas Larsson “My top picks” – Gold Medal in “Vinos Sub 30 Argentina”
Malbec 2008 – Decanter World Wine Awards 2009- Silver Medal
Ruca Malén Malbec 2006 – “Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2008″- Great Gold Medal

Vision of the Argentinian wine industry:

The Argentinian viticulture has a great potential as regards quality and productivity. This potential is based on its privileged geographical climatic conditions for vine growing, on its wide wine culture and on the vine growers and wine professionals’ knowledge and hard work. This will improve Argentina`s growth in international markets. Argentina produces excellent wines in all price segments with the best price-quality ratio. Besides, Argentina offers a great variety of grape varieties and origins. We are starting to know in depth the different regions. There are vineyards in new regions and new grape varieties are being developed, so there is a lot to do as regards the technical aspects and the communication of these values. All in all, I think Argentina has a great potential as regards growth and expansion. Though we have a great expertise, there is still much to research, know, learn, develop and do.