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Casazza, Marcelo Alejandro

About the winemaker

Personal information

Name: Casazza, Marcelo Alejandro
Age: 48 Years

Current position:

Vineyard Manager at Finca 8

Previous work experience:
  • Moet & Chandon
  • Peñaflor
  • Salentein
Studies abroad:

External consultant for wineries in Spain (Blanco de Haro, Granadas Coronadas, Julio Crespo and Pago de las Viñas) and Hungary (Sauska). Winemaking services at Moet & Chandon in Champagne, France. Harvests in Chateau Clos Le Eglise and Chateau Haut Bergey in Bordeaux, France.

List of best wines and their awards:
  • Finca 8 Malbec
  • Bressia Conjuro – Profundo
  • Punto Final
  • Carmine Granata
  • Poesía
  • Primus Salentein
  • Corte A Pulenta Vistalba
  • Obra Prima
  • Bodega del fin del mundo – Patagonia
  • Laborum Cafayate
Awards / Scholarships:
  • Moet & Chandon – France
  • Michel Rolland – France
  • Chateau Clos le Eglise – Pomerol, France
Vision of the Argentinian wine industry:

Nature is expressed in the Andes terroir granting an incomparable and unmistakable typicity, with a great growing potential.