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Vigil, Alejandro Manuel

About the winemaker

Personal information

Name: Vigil, Alejandro Manuel
Age: 44 Years

Current position:

winemaker / manager at Esmeralda Winery, Puerto Ancona, Aleanna Winery

Previous work experience:

INTA – Soil studies

Studies abroad:

different master courses

List of best wines and their awards:
  • Gran Enemigo 2008 – 94 pts (Parker), 91 pts (Antony Gismondi)
  • Enemigo MB 2009 – 91 pts (Parker)
  • Enemigo BN 2009 – 90 pts (Parker)
Awards / Scholarships:

university scholarship

Vision of the Argentinian wine industry:

Argentine viticulture is going through different changes and evolution. This transformation is due to the opening up of new markets and global situations, allowing to know the last 200 years of history of this passionate activity. Today we find ourselves starting to understand the zonification concept or how our terroir is denominated. This process will take 200 more years. Argentina has a wine culture which has been unknown up to now. It is up to us to plan and look to the future with desire of finding our definitive place in the world of wine