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Sauvignon Blanc

This is the finest variety after Chardonnay. Preferably, it is harvested before it reaches full ripeness to preserve its acidity, which imparts particular dryness to the wine.
This originally French variety is cultivated in the Loire, in Bordeaux and in the southwest of France. It sometimes has a soft, pleasant smoky flavor. It also shows cassis, valerian and some musk. At times, it reveals what the French call ?pierre ? fusil?, the typical smell of tinder when in contact with the spark that originates the fire.
This old wine variety has not been very developed in Argentina, but during the last few years, it has expanded considerably. When the vineyard is properly managed, this grape produces wines with intense aromas which resemble wild vegetables, chlorophyll and citric. In some other cases, Sauvignon Blanc offers white fruit bouquets.

Information provided by agronomists Alberto Alcalde and José Rodríguez, and Wines of Argentina. Photos from ‘The World Atlas of Wine’ by Hugh Johnson and Jancis Robinson.

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