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Pinot Noir

This is the variety used to make the best Burgundy wines. In France, it is also grown in Alsace, the Central Loire Valley and the Champagne region (since the white wine from this red variety is part of the cuve of the best French Champagne wines).
The area devoted to Pinot Noir in Argentina is presently increasing, mostly concentrated in Mendoza, R?o Negro and Neuquén as well as in Córdoba province. Argentinian wine tasters and connoisseurs are learning to appreciate this grape, which is capable of producing wines of particular quality.
Depending on its clones ?Pinot Noir is the fastest grape variety to mutate- its color ranges from ruby to deep red, but maintaining raspberry, beetroot, cherry, cassis, leather, licorice and earth aromas in every case.
In Argentina, it has a different treatment in the vineyard resulting in wines of chararcteristics that differ from Pinot Noirs of other locations. According to winemaker Esteban Roldán, Argentinia n Pinot Noir has lots of concentration; it is not ros like other ones. This is due to the amount of sunlight hours, the temperature range and the type of soil.

Information provided by agronomists Alberto Alcalde and José Rodríguez, and Wines of Argentina. Photos from ‘The World Atlas of Wine’ by Hugh Johnson and Jancis Robinson.

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