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It is planted in large areas and increasingly used for high-quality wines. According to researchers, it is not the same variety as the Italian Bonardas. On the other hand, P. Truel has identified it as the Corbeau variety, an officially accepted name. However, this variety has become so important and the popular name Bonarda is so firmly established in Argentina that it will be very difficult to change its denomination.
Due to its abundance, vigor and low cost, Bonarda used to be mainly considered when it came to inexpensive wines, but it is now also produced as a varietal. It results in candid, full-bodied and colorful wines, with fruity aromas and subtle aniseed-flavored hints. They can be successfully aged in barrel due to their good structure.

Information provided by agronomists Alberto Alcalde and José Rodríguez, and Wines of Argentina. Photos from ‘The World Atlas of Wine’ by Hugh Johnson and Jancis Robinson..

Wines with this grape variety