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Beautiful evenings like Parma

April 5, 2011 | in Posada Borravino, Tourism (microsites)

To awake the senses, Posada Borravino offers a welcome reception featuring an olive oil tasting in which each varietal and blend is selected according to color, aroma and flavor. This is followed by 4 FORMAGGIO, including varieties of hard, semi hard and soft cheese, combining different types such as Provolone, Gruyere, Fontina or Roquefort. Then, as a main course guests will enjoy of a Prosciutto di Parma, Super Premium LA OCTAVA and MONTESANO cold cuts. This selection is made up of: 12-month-dry-cured Parma raw ham, fresh pork Mortadella with pistachio and pure pork Salami from Felino. These dishes are paired with the wines of FINCA 8 Malbec and Reserva Malbec. Posada Borravino is open daily by appointment, and the value for two, including wine bottle and cold cuts, is of AR$ 390. Book your table: 0261 496-4445.

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