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With a consolidated Malbec, the world celebrates its day

April 17, 2013 by Laura Saieg | in Latest news, News

The area cultivated with Malbec was doubled in a decade. It is Argentina’s most exported grape variety and last year it accounted for 54% of the exports of varietal wines in value. In its day, winemakers pay tribute to it, spotlighting its special features.

Today is the “Malbec World Day” and Argentina and the world are dressed up to celebrate it. This variety has managed to be recognized by both national and international consumers for its unique features that enable it to source excellent wines.

Although Argentina has started to diversify its supply by exporting other varieties, Malbec is still the forte of all wineries. In this respect, Rogelio Rabino, Finca Sophenia’s winemaker, stressed that there is no specific market for this varietal, “I think it is a very flexible grape and there are Malbec wines for each market.”

In the case of this winery, sales have been propelled by countries such as China, Japan, Brazil, and Mexico, which have experienced a boost of almost 20% in sales of this varietal wine, comparing 2011 with 2012.

As regards the future of this grape in the international markets, Roberto González, from Nieto Senetiner winery, pointed out: “I do not think this grape variety is fashionable, but we should find distinctive features, since many countries are cultivating this grape, like Chile, Australia, United States, Bolivia and France. We should consolidate our business so as to remain climbing the price segments.”

Besides, he added: “Although we are undergoing an inflationary context with high costs, making us lose competitiveness and complicating the business, we should add more attributes, and culture may be one of them; Argentina has a 400-year-old history of winemaking, and this worth harnessing. Others could be: to work with clones, to identify the different terroirs and to develop new and original blends.

Finally, winemaker Ricardo Santos highlighted that it is winemakers and wineries’ responsibility to make this varietal go on positioning without losing the share reached in the few past years. For this purpose, he maintained that it is important not to neglect the quality of production.”

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