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Norton entertained journalists in their day and launched its new wines

June 18, 2013 by Gonzalo Merino | in Business, News

For this occasion, the place chosen, as every year, was the gardens of the winery located in Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza. The event also featured Norton Cosecha Especial Vintage and Lote 109.

As every year, Norton winery entertains Argentine journalists in their day (June 7). The event, held in the winery’s gardens, was accompanied by some news. Firstly, the launch of its new sparkling wine, Norton Cosecha Especial Vintage. It is made from specific harvests and its vintage is written on the label. This new product is made under the champenoise method and carries a very carefully designed metallic label.

Later, the winery presented Lote 109, comprising three Malbec wines. They are made using the same techniques, but the difference is that the grape of each of them comes from diverse origins. The plots selected for each of these wines are located in three regions of Mendoza: Colonia, Agrelo, and Lunlunta. This product is available in the domestic market at a price of around ARS 500 a case.

During the event, journalists and those present had the chances to taste these three wines in the same occasion, clearly showing the influence a micro-region has on the wine, because of the noticeable changes in spite of the few kilometers away from one vineyard and the other.

Amidst delicious wines and dishes, the event was very informal and relaxed gathering colleagues of the wine communication.

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