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Eleven wines recommended by Decanter

March 30, 2011 | in Awards, News

“Meet the new Argentina”. Gone are the days when Argentinian wine meant massive oaky, Malbec blockbusters. Now elegance, freshness and variety are the watchwords of the future, thanks to a group of visionary young winemakers. Christelle Guibert, Decanter’s journalist, visited them.

These are exciting times in Argentina. “Its wine industry is moving at lightning pace, thanks largely to the efforts of a group of young winemakers, determined to revolutionize the country’s wine scene and establish it firmly in the top echelons of the wine world. Two weeks in their company late last year made me realize how much has changed since my previous trip in December 2008. In two years, I found a move away from overripe, overextracted, overoaked wines. Todays’s wines are showing a new-found sense of balance, freshness and elegance allied to terroir, and a real sense of place,” started explaining Christelle Guibert, Decanter’s journalist.

The awarded winemakers were: Gabriela Celeste (EnoRolland), Matías Michelini (Finca Sophenia), Alejandro Vigil (Catena Zapata), Alejandro Sejanovich (consultant & winemaker), Ernesto Bajda (Escorihuela), Jeff Maushbach (Manos Negras), Leonardo Querecetti (Trapezio), Adrian Meyer (Terrazas de los Andes), Felipe Stahisschmidt (Catena Zapata), Pablo Richardi (Flechas de los Andes) and Pablo Cuneo (Ruca Malen).

According to Fabricio Portelli, director of the magazine and weekly wine programme El Conocedor, “Argentinian wines today are showing the true character of their respective regions through better vineyard selection and control of fruit ripeness, and a move away from too much new oak.” Aldo Graziani, an Argentinian sommelier and wine consultant, notes: “In the early 2000s, the country’s wine regions underwent a radical transformation. Huge new wineries were opening and making big wines, whit big oak in big bottles. Since 2006, winemakers have been changing style, we are now seeing fresher, more elegant wines with a better expression of terroir”.

“That may be improving the industry as a whole, but in my opinion, the best wines now coming out of Argentina are from a new breed of young, talented winemakers. The following are a few to look out for,” said Guibert.

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