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Eight winemakers from Argentina spotlight the quality of Malbec in Wine Business

August 21, 2013 | in Awards, News

In the last issue of this American magazine, these winemakers mentioned the special features of this variety. Moreover, Wine Business talked about Malbec’s growth in other regions like Chile, Australia, California, and Washington.

Today, Malbec is planted in Chile, Australia, California, Washington and a half-dozen other co0  untries, but it is Argentina that lays claim to the variety as its most planted red grape. In fact, Argentina and Cahors account for more than 90 percent of the world’s Malbec production. In France, Malbec can be rustic, with meaty aromas and flavors and a very tannic finish, while in Argentina Malbec tends to be sweet, ripe, juicy wine redolent of red and black fruits with loads of velvety tannins.

The featured winemakers and/or owners in this Varietal Focus of Wine Business include: Juan E. Marco of Finca Decero; Alejandro Sejanovich of Anko; Karim Mussi Saffie and Guillermo J. San Martin of Altocedro; Fabián Valenzuela of Bodega Tapiz; Pablo Durigutti of Durigutti; Fernando Buscema of Bodega Catena Zapata; Susana Balbo of Dominio del Plata; and Santiago Achával of Achával Ferrer Winery.

These eight winemakers discuss what they’re trying to achieve stylistically, what their specific grape-growing and winemaking protocols are, and more. There’s a lot of detail involved in the quest to determine how terroir and winemaking decisions affect a wine’s style.

As the magazine spotlighted, “Argentina is known for Malbec, and sales of popularly priced Malbec from Argentina continue to soar in U.S. food and drug stores—growing by double digit percentages. Virtually all of the largest U.S. wine companies now import Malbec—millions of cases of it”.

Winemakers in Argentina aren’t just making value-priced wines, though. In recent years, they’ve been making reserve and even “icon” versions of Malbec from the best vineyards. Those are the types of wines that are the subject of the Varietal Focus.

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