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How Argentina Stole Malbec from France

April 17, 2015

April 17 is World Malbec Day, a global celebration of the grape that grows in Argentina, France and elsewhere. We share how Argentina made Malbec their own, how popular Argentinian Malbec is, and how you can celebrate World Malbec Day, Argentina style. This is the story of Malbec.

Argentine wine varietals diversity

January 19, 2015 by Laura Ortiz

We began searching the shelves of wine shops and we found that, besides the classic sectors such as “Malbec”, “Cabernet Sauvignon” and “Chardonnay”, some stores had a special place for “Other varietals”. In this small corner, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc and Riesling made their shy appearances. With time, their outstanding performance along with human curiosity have incremented their demand and, therefore, their supply.

Is there a perfect glass for each wine?

October 17, 2014

Yes, there is. WineSur made an Infographics containing a specific glass for a wine in particular. The purpose: to enhance and enjoy the characteristics of the product. Get to know in this article the selection of 16 glasses for 16 wines.

Keys to improving direct-to-consumer sales

October 8, 2014 by Laura Saieg

Over time, the traditionalist wine business has managed to see the advantages of new technologies and 2.0 tools. DTC sales through wine clubs and e-commerce have been crucial for companies’ growth worldwide. See below, some advices to position and boost wine sales.

Mariano Di Paola, winemaker of La Rural and Rutini Wines, will make a cellar to Arjona

September 29, 2014

Ricardo Arjona visited La Rural before his recital at the “Malvinas Argentinas” stadium, where he met Mariano Di Paola, who will make a wine cellar similar to that of the winery, in his house in Miami.

US men prefer beer while women wine

September 23, 2014

This data derived from the Gallup consulting company. In its report, it is also revealed that men over 55 years old prefer wines instead of beer. However, the latter drink is the favorite in the age group from 18 to 54.

Wine: a question of gender?

September 10, 2014

A sector dominated by men, women are getting involving in this world. In fact, wineries create their wines according to who consume them. The debate is on the table.

Gauchezco’s wines distinguished for their value for money

September 3, 2014

In the new edition of China Wine & Spirits Awards Best Value 2014, this winery from Maipú received 2 double gold medals and 1 silver. This contest counted on the participation of many wineries from different countries, among them Australia, Spain, Italy, Chile, France, Germany, and United States.
Its awarded wines were: Gauchezco Reserva Malbec 2011 [...]

Cocktails to enjoy wine in an original way

September 3, 2014

If you like preparing some drinks for your friends, see in this article some recipes to make cocktails with wine. Not only consider Malbec; sparkling, white, and rose wines have a lot to offer. Moreover, there are other interesting ingredients to add resulting in a really delicacy to taste.