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Kóoch: the myth comes alive – Universo Austral

October 18, 2010

Before the creation of this austral paradise called Patagonia, this place was surrounded by darkness and its only resident was Kóoch, a lonely God that lived in the shadows. He was so lonely that one day he started to cry, and his cry was so deep an intense that he formed the oceans, and then [...]

Calafate: fruit of the Patagonian Earth – Universo Austral

October 15, 2010

The Tehuelche’s traditions tell that the Chief of the tribe had a beautiful daughter called Calafate, and he really loved her. But one day an young men from another tribe came into the Chief’s community, and he and Calafate fall in love.
The father of Calafate was against this relation, so he asked for help to [...]