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The secret behind Atipax

August 10, 2011 by Laura Saieg

With pictures expressing the history, dreams and future, Atipax was granted its video, the award of “My Wine Story” contest. Besides, all the information about the second edition of this great 2.0 contest conducted by WineSur.

Malbec Top Design is coming soon

February 23, 2011

With the aim of spreading the image of Argentinian Malbec around the world, the wine label contest “Malbec Top Design” invites all Argentinian wineries to participate.

“In my works, I combine my two passions: art and wine”

January 24, 2011 by Mariano Zalazar

Fernando Jereb is a plastic artist and wine producer. Throughout his works, he tries to capture the value of Argentinian winemaking.

Atipax awarded by My Wine Story

December 21, 2010

My Wine Story was the first 2.0 contest whose aim was to know the stories that lay behind the wines from each winery, bringing them closer to consumers through social networking. Consumers around the world had the opportunity to hear the stories and with 924 votes, the big winner of the contest was the wine [...]

The big winners of My Wine Story

November 3, 2010 by Laura Saieg

The winners of My Wine Story, the first 2.0 contest organized by WineSur, were published last week. Gabriel Braconi’s Atipax was the most voted wine. Other wines that got very good results were Lambrusco Maestri (Don Bosco) and ++ Plus 2008 (Trapezio).

Boutique winery from 1.921 – Clos de Chacras

October 18, 2010

Its founder Bautista Gargantini was from the swiss canton of Ticino and he eagerly took on the winery to continue the legacy left by his father: to explore and to work in the noble land of Mendoza, highlighting the best of it.
For reasons of fate (perhaps?) today Clos de Chacras is owned by the granddaughter [...]

Earth First – Tres Wines

October 18, 2010

With my friends, we use to gather at the First Tuesday’s “Asado”, a men-only monthly event where we discuss Argentine politics, economy, and (of course) soccer. A couple of us decided to start a project that could put together every one of our values, and that would eventually be our ideal job.
The project, Tres Wines, [...]

Kóoch: the myth comes alive – Universo Austral

October 18, 2010

Before the creation of this austral paradise called Patagonia, this place was surrounded by darkness and its only resident was Kóoch, a lonely God that lived in the shadows. He was so lonely that one day he started to cry, and his cry was so deep an intense that he formed the oceans, and then [...]

Don Quinto – Bodega Don Quinto

October 15, 2010

As a kid I used to visit the farm of my grandfather, Quinto Pirán, man Medrano winemaker in Mendoza. During these years, Lino Puppato, my father worked as a winemaker at Bodega de Ramón Puppato, my other grandfather, which was only a few meters from my house.
Inspired by my experiences and the legacy of my [...]