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La Pampa

Wines from this region


Located right at the center of Argentina, La Pampa is one of the youngest provinces in the country, since it reached provincial status in 1952. Although La Pampa territory is a transitional area between several larger Argentinian regions, its history, landscape, culture and vocation make it part of the Patagonian Region. The topography of La Pampa is an undulating plain with elongated hollows aligned from west to east and arranged as fan-shaped valleys. The average size of these hollows is 100 kilometers long by 5 to 10 kilometers wide, and it displays slopes ranging between 100 meters above sea level and 40 meters below sea level. La Pampa has 105 hotels, with 1,561 rooms where 3,714 tourists can be accommodated. Among them, 46 comprise tourism lodgings with the capacity for accommodating 2,616 guests. As regards tourism accommodation, there are also 10 beautiful estancias (ranches) encompassing a total of 146 beds.

General Information

Demographic Data

Surface: 143.440 km²
Population: 298.460 Inhabitants (estimated)
Capital: Santa Rosa
Area code: 54 2954
International airport: Ruta 35 – Km 330 – Santa Rosa – La Pampa – Phone: 54 2954 43 4490
Domestic Airport: Ruta Provincial Nº 1 – Acceso Héctor J. – General Pico – La Pampa – Phone: 54 2302 42 3636
Bus terminal: Av. Luro y Corrientes – Santa Rosa – La Pampa – Phone: 54 2954 422 952

Tourism Calendar

Provincial Horse Festival – Ingeniero Luiggi
National Taming and Folk Festival – Intendente Alvear

Provincial Wheat Festival – Eduardo Castex
Provincial Cattle Breeding Festival – Victorica

Dairy Production Festival – General Campos
National Gaucho Skills Meeting – Quemú-Quemú

La Pampa’s Gaucho Festival – Quehué

Provincial Calf Festival – Gral. Acha
Pilgrimage to San José Sanctuary and Religious Festival – Colonia Barón
“María Auxiliadora” Diocesan Traditional Procession – Toay

Ranquel First Nation invocations and New Year’s Celebration – Victorica

Independence Gaucho Festival

Sunflower Regional Festival – Catriló

Commercial, Industrial, Agriculture and Cattle Exhibition – Intendente Alvear
Argentinian Rally La Pampa Chapter – Toay

Sorghum Harvest Festival – Realicó
Big Game Hunting Competion – General Acha

Provincial Kid Festival – Santa Isabel

Grape and Wine Production

The only wine producer in La Pampa is Bodega del Desierto, an enterprise of Grupo Albanesi, which inaugurated its facilities at the break of the 20th Century, with the aim of producing fine wines. The winery has a capacity for producing 1,200,000 liters and it is equipped with state-of-the-art technology following a 9-million-pesos investment. In upcoming years, the company is planning to invest 5 million additional pesos in order to increase the capacity up to 2,000,000 liters and thus handle the entire production of the vineyard. Planted varieties include Malbec, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Syrah, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Viognier. The American winemaker Paul Hobbs is in charge of production. This undertaking in La Pampa province is owned by a natural gas and electric energy company and is an example of the intention of other business sectors to invest in the wine industry.