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World wine consumption: the game of progresses and recessions

April 18, 2012 by Redacción | in News

As in a board strategy war game, the wine consumption map shows an exciting strategic scene. Winning or losing depends to a great extent on knowing the ups and downs through which world market will undergo in the next years. Argentina Wine Report anticipates what is coming.

United States, China, Russia and United Kingdom accounted together for 68% of the growth experienced by the global wine consumption between 2000 and 2011. Likewise, the countries located in continents or new regions respecting wine consumption (except for United Kingdom, Belgium, and Ireland) are the ones presenting the greatest dynamics in the near future, according to the last Argentina Wine Report, made by the analysis team of Área del Vino.

“This group of countries has contributed over 3,000 million liters to the global growth of consumption of the last decade and it has compensated for the fall of 1,400 million suffered by the rest of countries, thus meaning a global increase of 1,600 million. The change is very noticeable. To this is added the fact that only a group of 4 countries is responsible for 68% of the change (somewhat more than 2,080 million liters).

“So, the new direction of the wine business in the globalization process of the world economies is clear, as well as the strong stamp of the economic prosperity on the development of these new markets,” explained the AWR.

A step forward

These four lead the list of the 20 most dynamic countries in their contribution to the growth, being United States at the top with a consumption of 2,850 million liters in 2011 and an average expansion of 2.7% per year. China experiences noticeable expansions and, with a consumption of 1,700 million liters in 2011, shows a growth dynamics of 4.2% per year, whereas Russia grows at an annual rate of 6% and United Kingdom, 2.6%.

A step backwards

On the other side, there is a group of countries suffering a consumption recession. It includes the traditional markets that remain leading the world wine consumption. Italy, France, Spain, and Germany represented 34% of the global consumption in 2011, while in 2000 their share was 44%. Argentina was also placed in this group, accounting for 5.5% of the global consumption in 2000 while in 2011, this figure dropped to 4%.

Argentina, with a consumption of 975 million liters, went down at a year-on-year rate of 2.2% during the measured period, one of the highest rates together with Spain (-2.9%) and Italy (-2.6%).

Global consumption will stage a faster recovery within the next 5 years

“The new countries regarding consumption have a behavior linked up with the economic situation – explained the report- whereas traditional ones do not reach the economic prosperity to revert the consumption decline”.

“Within the medium term, a very dynamic growth is expected in new consumers and the drop of traditional ones will start to be slighter. Therefore, within the next 5 years, a stronger recovery of the global consumption may be expected than the one observed in the past 2 years, though this will be clearly subject to the instability of the world economy.”

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Translation: Carolina Lucesole

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