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Bob Iannetta

Wineries should sharpen attention on “post- marketing”

August 28, 2012 by Redacción | in News, Opinions

Bob Iannetta, owner of an online reservation company for US wineries, suggests how to use wine tourism as a marketing tool to optimize sales. The expert will lecture in the next International Wine Forum.

During the next Foro Internacional Vitivinícola entitled “Tiempos de Cambios” (Times of Changes) to be held in Mendoza, Argentina on September 18 and 19, one of the speakers via videoconferences will be Bob Iannetta, from His lecture will be included in the panel of New Ways of Modern Marketing.

- Could you tell us about Vino and its main aim? is a robust Saas online reservation application created for wineries in the United States.  We streamline the reservation for wineries and make it easy for their visitors to book reservations online when it is convenient for them.

- What would you suggest Argentine wineries do to improve their visits, adapting to the new online marketing tools?

There are different tools. I would advise them to use social media (like Facebook and twitter), automate the reservation process, and have a tab on their website that is dedicated to winery visits.  The tab should say: VISIT US or something similar and clearly outline the experiences that are available.

- In the case of a winery open to tourism, what data is important to gather within customers in a visitor`s center?

Post marketing is very important to wineries.  The data to be collected should include: name, e-mail address (stay in contact/introduce now wines, etc), and phone (telesales).  If a winery has a catalogue that will be mailed after the visit, guests’ address is important.

- What do tourists look for when choosing a winery to visit? Brand, owner’s history, landscape, food, services?

Guests look for many attributes when they choose a winery to visit: varietal, type of experience, price point of wine and experience.

- What are the most important issues to take into consideration regarding a visitor`s center in the winery?

Do the best to connect with the guest right away, try to match the experience to what the guest likes. If the guest is a red fan, then focus on reds. Likewise, probe to see if the guest is prone to joining wine clubs, in the case the winery has one or is member of one or more clubs.

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