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Tomas Hughes, Finca Decero’s winemaker

“Winemakers are facing the challenge of keeping the quality by improving productive processes”

November 26, 2014 by Laura Saieg | in News, Opinions

The new winemaker of the high-end winery made great stress on the importance and hard work of all technicians to alleviate the crisis, avoiding reducing cost at the expense of wine quality. By means of this interview, he talked about the steps to be followed at the winery and the future of Finca Decero wines.

What are your challenges in this new position?

At Trapiche, I was in charge of high-end wine production, while at Decero I’m responsible for a lower-volume production. Here, my position includes more tasks that were done at Trapiche by other departments. So, that is my challenge at Decero.

What are the most outstanding features of Finca Decero wines?

Their personality and constant quality delivered year after year. Other important characteristic is that all the winery’s wines are Single Vineyard, sourced from own vineryards (Remolinos Vineyard), located in Agrelo, Luján de Cuyo (Mendoza).

In my opinion, the most interesting varietal wine at Decero is its Petit Verdot, displaying a great elegance, sweet tannins and balanced acidity.

Will Finca Decero launch new products?

We are planning to do so, but in a couple of years, after analyzing that the product is according to Finca Decero’s concept. The current portfolio comprises 5 reds, so I’d like to add a white varietal (Chardonnay).

Are you planning to make some investments in production capacity or more hectares planted?

Today, the winery is not working at its maximum capacity, so we can grow in terms of volume for a few more years. As regards the vineyard, this year, we have planted 5 ha of Cabernet Sauvignon and we plan to add 6 or 7 ha of Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc next year.

From the winemaking point of view, what are the next steps so that Argentina remains positioning?

In the past 10 or 15 years, the quality and professionalism of Argentine wine industry has grown considerably. I think that all winemakers in Argentina are facing the challenge of keeping the quality by improving productive processes.

Nowadays, Argentine wines have managed to consolidate for their quality and it has been very difficult to reach the position we are enjoying today. Therefore, all wineries should keep consistency, work together so as to remain establishing in the different markets and growing as “Argentina” brand.

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