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Wine Shipping Regulations in the US: simplified by Wine Enthusiast

December 27, 2013 | in Exports, News

Wine Enthusiast Magazine has developed an interactive map with information about the restrictions for wine shipping to each State of the country.

Wine shipping regulations among States are really complex, and penalties for breaking the rules can be harsh. While direct-to-consumer shipping from abroad is prohibited, local wineries have made some changes in local shipment rules. In fact, direct sales have grown enormously and exceeded the total value of US wine exports in 2012. Much of this success has been driven by Wine Clubs. These are affinity circles that send their members wines throughout the year.

Gradually, new opportunities are appearing for foreign wineries to achieve direct-to-consumer sales in this appealing market, through special agreements with importers. Knowing the different and changing rules from individual states will be essential to succeed.

Among the information of the infographic, we can highlight: legal volume that can be shipped, regional restrictions, notable regulations and penalties for breaking them.

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