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Wine exports grew by 39.76% between January and May

July 6, 2012 by Redacción | in News

Export volumes respond to the good performance of bulk wine whose growth was 229%. Bottled wine keeps falling.

The National Institute of Viticulture (INV) released a preview of the report on Argentine wine volumes marketed in the domestic and international market during the 2012 January-May period, which amounted to 5,224,791 hl, registering an increase of 9.71% compared to the same period in 2011.

Analyzing Argentine wine destination, during January until May 2012, 1,480,121 hl were exported, suggesting a 39.76% increment in relation to last year. In May, turnover reached USD 83 million FOB for international shipments.

Also, 56,554 tons of must were marketed in the foreign market showing a 41.15% increase.

Bottle wine faces hardship

Wine exports went up 34.73% by volume and 16.82% by FOB US dollars. Once again, the increment is due to bulk wine exports.

The product that is in trouble is the most important of the value chain: bottled wine (including bag-in-box, tetra brick and bottle). In the analyzed period, bottled varietal wine fell 1.83% while bulk varietal wine grew 217%. Bottled wine in general dropped 2.91%, whereas bulk increased by 229%.

In general, bulk wine foreign sales rose by 279.86%, while bottled wine sales (adding all the products) decreased by 3.20%

As regards color, up to May, some business opportunities aroused with last year’s white table wine surpluses that brought about a 111% increase in white wine exports (especially bulk white wine), going from 298,500 hl to more than 630,000 hl. Red wine exports, on the other hand, only grew by 11.9%

By market

The main foreign destinations were the United States, Canada, Russia, Paraguay, Brazil, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Japan and Germany. In May, the US imported 131.470 hl for USD 34.7 million, positioning itself as the first export market by value for Argentina.

Varietal wines went up 27.11% by volume and 16.40% by FOB value.

For its part, generic varietal wines increased 58.40% by volume and 21.52% by FOB value.

Bulk shipments of generic varietal wine achieved a 293% growth and bottled wine dropped by 11.27%.

Generic white wine shipments grew 170% and red, 6.71%


INV’s preview indicates that the volumes marketed in May in the foreign market amounted to 317,028 hl. of wine and 14,766 tons of concentrated must, while in the domestic market 878,636 hl of wine were commercialized.

May’s turnover for must exports reached around USD 23 million, suggesting a 27% increment in relation to May 2011.

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